ACP Composites carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid fabric samples are conveniently pre-cut making them ideal for determining best material selection, for comparing material appearance, finish or thickness, or for use as a teaching or research aide.

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Product Name SMP-VC-HIGH-STRETCH-G $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-HIGH-STRETCH-O $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-RELEASE-PERF-P3 $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-RELEASE-NP $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-PET $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-BREATHER-N4 $1.50
Product Name SMP-VC-BREATHER-N10 $1.50
Product Name SMP-VL-AV-0.5 $1.50
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