Partall® One-Coat Quart-Case of 12 | Expiring Soon

Partall® One-Coat Quart-Case of 12 | Expiring Soon


Partall® One-Coat is a water-based polyvinyl alcohol (PVA - Parting Film) coating made up of solvent-resistant, film-forming materials. It contains 2-3 times the solids content of standard PVA coatings, giving it a thick viscosity that builds quickly. It is commonly used as parting film between polyester, vinylester or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces or as a release barrier when making rigid support shells for elastomeric rubber molds.

Partall® One-Coat releases easily from mold or part surface or application equipment by peeling off in a continuous skin or by dissolving with water and scrubbing with a soft bristle brush or sponge. It is not recommended for use with molds or resins (e.g., phenolics) containing water or giving off water during cure.