Aero-Mat “Soric LRC”


"Lantor Soric LRC" Aero-Mat is a flexible, low resin consumption honeycomb foam mat used to add structure and thickness to composite laminates. It absorbs approximately 20% less resin compared to the “Lantor Soric XF” 2MM Aero Mat resulting in a lighter finished product. The compression resistant hexagonal cell structure and resin flow channels make Aero-Mat ideal as a core material and infusion medium in one.

Unlike standard cell honeycomb, Soric® XF is very flexible and will conform to compound shapes. The pressure resistant cells create thickness in the laminate when pressure is applied without the weight of extra fabric layers. The resin flow channels form a pattern of cured resin that offers good mechanical properties and excellent bonding characteristics. It is ideally suited for reinforcing curved laminations where additional stiffness is needed.