Resin Infusion Mesh - Red

Resin Infusion Mesh - Red


1 - 9$8.00
10 - 24$6.75
25 - 116$5.75

Airtech’s Resinflow 60 is a resin distribution medium designed to promote resin flow during the vacuum infusion process. The crisscross mesh pattern facilitates a controlled, predictable flow of resin and ensures resin is distributed throughout the laminate.  Resin flows more easily throughout the laminate with the red infusion mesh due to the increased thickness and larger crisscross pattern.

The infusion mesh is typically used as a single layer and is placed on top of the peel ply layer. Where even greater resin flow is required, the infusion mesh can be used in multiple layers.

Infusion mesh does not fray when cut or roll up at the ends. It is compatible with polyester, vinyl-ester and epoxy resins and is suitable in vacuum infusion applications up to 212°F (100°C). 

Physical Properties
Width 60"
Thickness .050"
Material LDPE/HDPE blend
Color Red
Configuration Extruded
Manufacturer Airtech International
Manufacturer Part Number Resinflow 60


Technical Properties
Max Operating Temperature 212°F

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification. 


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