Vacuum Switch

Vacuum Switch
Vacuum Switch


The Vacuum Switch is an inexpensive and reliable full range miniature vacuum switch with good sensitivity, repeatability and set point tolerance. It has a dead band of 2-3" Hg. (i.e. it will shut the pump off at 18" Hg and turn the pump on at approx. 15" Hg). It can be adjusted from 1.5" to 30"Hg and is rated for 5 Amps maximum.  A Vacuum Switch Relay should be used with systems using pumps larger than 1/16hp or that draw more than 5 Amps at startup.

The Vacuum Switch has a 1/8" NPT male attachment.  

Physical Properties
Mounting Style 1/8" NPT Pipe Thread
Terminations 3/16" Quick-Connect 
Material Body: Polysulfone
Diaphram: Polyurethane
Spring: Stainless Steel
Other: Nylon, Carbon Filled Nylon, Acetal


Technical Properties
Operating Speed 25 msec
Temperature Rance 40°F to 150°F
Repeatability +/-2% FS or .15"Hg, whichever is great after 10,000 cycles
Adjustment Range 1.5" Hg to 30" Hg
Maximum Overpressure 30" Hg
Deadband 2"-3" Hg
Current Rating 10 Amps

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification. 




Tip #04-12: Take the worry out of continuously running your pump by using a Vacuum Switch.

The use of a vacuum switch prolongs the life of a vacuum pump due to its on and off functionality. The vacuum switch is designed to turn the pump on and off so that it doesn’t run continuously, overheat and fail due to overuse.

A vacuum switch is used to regulate vacuum pressure and ensure uniform vacuum is applied throughout a part during the cure cycle. When vacuum bagging, the amount of pressure being applied during the process can vary depending on what is being vacuum bagged. Adjusting the inches of mercury (Hg) that a pump will pull allows the pump to be used in a range of vacuum bagging layups.

Most vacuum pumps can pull a range of Hg. By using an adjustable vacuum switch, the vacuum pump can be set to turn on and off at various Hg settings. Our vacuum switch is convenient to use and works with pumps that can pull a range of 1.5”-30” Hg and is rated for 5 Amps. 


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Adjusting the Vacuum Switch