Partall? Coverall Film Quart

Partall? Coverall Film Quart


Partall® Coverall Film is the new non-hazardous, low VOC water-based polyvinyl alcohol (PVA - Parting Film) coating that creates a reliable, solvent resistant, yet water soluble, release barrier between parts and reactive mold surfaces.

The higher viscosity of Partall® Coverall Film allows application by brush, roller, sponge or cloth and it has excellent spray characteristics. Its improved formulation enhances use - no fisheyes or cob webbing, self-leveling and faster dry film build up, while leaving a smooth, shiny finish on the mold surface.

Partall® Coverall Film is also recommended for use on seasoned molds as extra protection against de-molding problems. Higher solids content aids production efficiency by providing greater protection with fewer coats applied, saving labor, time and material. It is not recommended that Partall® Coverall Film be subjected to temperatures higher than 300°F.

Previous Part Number: V-14B

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Physical Properties
Appearance Clear Purple Liquid
Odor Neutral
Drying Time 15-60 minutes
Coverage One gallon covers approximately 400 ft2


Boiling Point > 200°F
Specific Gravity (H20=1) 1.02

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification. 


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