Carbon Fiber High Gloss Woven Sheets

Carbon Fiber High Gloss Woven Sheets
$13.00 - $635.00

Due to material availability our current lead time for orders outside of our typical stocked quantities is 6-8 Weeks, Please contact, 925-443-5900 for current stock information.

ACP’s Carbon Fiber High Gloss Woven Sheets are an outstanding decorative laminate with a deep, glossy, three dimensional finish. They are constructed using layers of unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg layed up in a 0/90 degree orientation with a single layer of 2x2 twill carbon fiber prepreg on each of the outside surfaces. This type of construction produces a decorative laminate that has the classic carbon fiber look but with greater strength and stiffness than our Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Sheets.

Our proprietary Autoclave curing process produces the most consistent and highest quality gloss carbon fiber sheets possible.  Manufactured using 100% real carbon fiber fabric pre-impregnated with high quality epoxy resin, these sheets are cured at high temperatures and pressure to ensure a strong, rigid product that cannot be re-shaped after cured. Unlike a wet layup, our Autoclave curing process consistently yields flat, lightweight sheets with minimal voids, waves or buildups.

These 1st quality sheets are manufactured using a clear, resin-rich carbon fiber prepreg which results in a smooth, low porosity laminate with a mirror-like finish. Our special blend of high strength epoxy resin guarantees a durable, stronger, longer lasting finish. The built-in UV inhibitor in the 2x2 twill prepreg resists UV rays in outdoor applications. There is no need for fillers, gel coats or surface treatments to enhance the surface appearance of our sheets.

Carbon Fiber High Gloss Woven Sheets are available in a range of thicknesses and finish options.