Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich Panels

$34.00 - $864.25

ACP’s Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich Panels are ideal panels for a wide range of applications requiring flat, lightweight and rigid specifications. They are manufactured by ‘sandwiching’ a structural foam core between layers of self-adhesive fiberglass prepreg. Our sandwich panels are cured with high temperature and under pressure resulting in fully consolidated fiberglass skins that are completely bonded to the foam core. The resulting constructed panel offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and is ideal for applications where maximum stiffness and crush resistance are essential.

Using fiberglass prepreg for the outer layers creates structural skins that offer high strength-to-weight ratios, thermal and electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, low density, low weight, low thermal expansion and excellent fatigue resistance.

Manufactured with lightweight, high density structural foam, our foam core sandwich panels demonstrate the light weight, high strength and stiffness properties desired in a foam core panel and are lighter than balsa core panels. By using structural foam, these panels feature higher compressive strength and crushing resistance than panels manufactured with a non-structural foam core. They remain a more economical option and are ideal for applications that require low water absorption and good sound and thermal insulation.