Fold/Bows - Discontinued

Fold/Bows - Discontinued
$74.95 - $79.95

Fold/Bows (hot wire bows) are hand powered foam cutting bows that are designed to fold up after use for easy storage.  Each Fold/Bow is crafted of blue anodized extruded aluminum. The heavy duty spring rods hold tension on the hot wire and are mounted in oversized delrin insulator bushings.  Each Fold/Bow comes with a set of Red/Head™ screw retainers to connect the hot wire to the spring rod which facilitates easy hot wire replacement.

Fold/Bows are offered in 3 sizes- 28”, 40” and 52”, each with a throat depth of 10”.  The nominal cutting lengths are 24", 36" and 48" respectively, when allowing for clearance at each end of the material being cut.

To use the Fold/Bow alone, a Thermal/Generator Power Supply and a Thermal/Generator Interconnect Wire Set are required. Each is sold separately.

To use the Fold/Bow with the Feather/Cut System, a Thermal/Generator Power Supply, Thermal/Generator Interconnect Wire Set and Feather/Cut Hardware are required. Each is sold separately.