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Fiberglass Composite Products 

Fiberglass fabric is used in a wide range of industrial applications and is the most widely available and least expensive composite fabric. It is relatively lightweight, has moderate tensile and compressive strength and is easy to handle and machine.  High strength, dimensional stability, design flexibility and excellent electrical properties are some of the characteristics that insure optimum performance.

There are several types of glass fibers manufactured but only two are widely used in composites: E-glass and S-glass. The most common is E-Glass or Electrical Glass. E-Glass is made from strands of continuous glass filaments that are plied and twisted into yarns and is used when strength and high electrical resistivity is required. S-Glass or Structural glass is approximately 30% stronger and stiffer than E-Glass and offers better properties at elevated temperatures.

ACP’s fiberglass fabrics are woven from high quality E-Glass with the exception of the 3.7oz. “S-Glass” which is woven with the high strength S-2 fibers.  All fiberglass fabrics offered are sized with an epoxy and polyester compatible finish to enhance wet-out, unless otherwise noted.

Please note: Quantities over 50 yards may not be continuous. If continuous materials are requested, please contact us at 1-800-811-2009 or

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